Elizabeth, Victoria

Sarah was my mentor for the Connection Code that I completed recently. I immediately responded to her warmth, kindness, sincerity and empathy. At the beginning of the first session, she clearly outlined and explained each step of the 3 sessions. As we moved through each session, she actively listened to all my replies and questions and her responses displayed her insight, emotional intelligence, experience, knowledge and wisdom. My work with Sarah has been invaluable and provided me many ‘lightbulb’ moments as well as the ability to move forward positively on my current journey . Elizabeth

Jessica, Victoria

I’ve had two sessions with Sarah so far and each one has been extremely valuable in my journey to health and healing. Sarah has such a beautiful calm energy! She works as a Pillar Practitioner to work through blocks and tension in the mind and body! I have had terrible menstrual cramping of late, and Sarah was able to work with my emotions and energy to see my cramps ease after one session. She has also helped me deal with blocks around self expression and voicing my thoughts and ideas with greater confidence and clarity. I would highly recommend working with Sarah to anyone that feels they need a little bit of extra support, clarity and healing in their life! Jessica

Margaret, Victoria

Sarah is a calm, gentle and attentive listener. I totally trust and felt comfortable with Sarah as my Pillar Code practitioner. One of her gifts to me is being fully present with non judgment. This support means I'm able to be more self- aware, and honest with myself and with Sarah. This is so important for healing. As a result I always look forward to our meetings because I trust that there is a respect, acknowledgment, healing and improvement for me. How have I benefited from Sarah's personalised practice in the Pillar Code? I have been able to safely share, and let many things go, come back to peace and to choose with joy. Sarah has taught me a practice called 'Sealings' which I can sit calmly with in my own time to settle any anxiety. I'm grateful and confident I have long time benefits from the healing methods Sarah offers. Margaret

Sarah, Victoria

Sarah is a highly professional, skilled and compassionate practitioner. Under taking the Pillar Practice journey with her, encompassed both a space for practicality and growth. Throughout the program I felt supported and motivated to accept and address areas of my life that needed focus. With Sarah, and throughout the program I witnessed changes and felt clarity in areas of day to day life that previously felt stagnant and negative. Sarah assisted in providing lifelong tools and methods that I continue to use daily. I am immensely grateful to have undertaken such a journey with Sarah, her expertise has gifted me with the ability to sustain my new awareness and actions.

Kellie, Victoria

Profoundly incredible program!! Gently unlocking into a deeper awareness of self.. Allowing for a clear peaceful balanced and powerful life ..

Renee, Ontario

I had the joy of working with Sarah Cosgrave and it shifted so much and lifted so much weight. So grateful to have had this opportunity. Love & support the whole way & some days were rough but I needed to move through the rough spots!

Stephanie, Victoria

My experience with Sarah across multiple programs has been transformative for both my physical and mental health. Sarah actively listens and creates a space where you never feel judged or forced to do anything. She patiently listens and makes you feel like she is walking alongside you through sometimes painful learning and growth. Sarah is naturally warm, deeply empathetic and a truly authentic person. I also appreciate that Sarah is thorough in her practise, and is always pausing to seek feedback or confirm that I've understood new concepts. I'm not naturally into programs like the Pillar Code and was hesitant before starting it. The reason I began and remain working with Sarah is because she has built my trust completely and her treatments are actually working. Sarah is a gift to the world and I am so grateful for her expertise and care.